House Rules

I will keep it simple. No Profanity, Politics or Sexual Content of any kind; not 1860 nor today. This website is dedicated to those who wish to travel the nations numerous historical sites and share their experiences. If you are so inclined, please include helpful information such as places to stay, eat and shop. Please do not disparage any businesses, but if you found some place that went above and beyond, please share that information as well. Be polite to your fellow poster. This website does have a US Civil War theme to it, however, as you will see, we will cover other subjects related to military history tourism. You may see an article about Fort Blakeley, Alabama, Berlin, Germany, The Belleau Wood, France or Gettysburg, PA. Some things and venues will be rated; please realize that this is just my opinion and it may be different from yours, and that’s okay. So let’s kick back, relax and enjoy the ride and let me tell you a story….Thanks & Have fun and I will see you down the trail!