My name is Rich Gimbert and I am The Civil War Traveler. I suppose the first thing I should do is welcome you to The Civil War Traveler Project. This page is about us, more than me. It is a travel page that discusses traveling to militarily significant historic sites and how to maximize your enjoyment of the visit. For instance, you may see a few sentences that I wrote about a tour guide in Vicksburg or a restaurant in Andersonville. I would not only like to share my experiences to make your travel better, but I would like you to share your experiences to make my travels better. Over the years, I have had an opportunity to travel to a number of different historically significant sites and I am far from done. I am proud of both my Union and Confederate ancestors and am a member of my local Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War chapter. It has been my honor to serve in the US Marines during the Gulf War and retire from the US Army Reserves with service in Iraq & Afghanistan. Please join me in posting about your travel adventures, whether you are a reenactor, historian, tour guide, park ranger, student are currently serving, a veteran or just love history. Also to make better use of your time, we will be reviewing both books and venues and may even have a few more surprises.  Thanks and I will see you on the trail.